The Earliest Animals. Along with Sir David Attenborough, appeared as microbiologist to explain how microorganisms might have survived Snowball Earth. Produced by Atlantic Productions, London, England. Aired October 2010 on BBC2 (Britain) Link

Catastrophes: Snowball Earth. Appeared as a microbiologist in Alaskan ice caves to explain how Cyanobacteria adapt to freezing/lack of nutrients. Produced by Pioneer Productions, London, England. Aired March 2008. Link

How Life Began. Appeared as a cave scientist explaining how minerals and metals could serve as energy for early life. Produced by Workaholic Productions, Inc., Encino, California. Aired June 16, 2008. Link

Keoghan’s Hero’s: Mother Nature’s Underground Rock Star. News segment for CBS News’ ‘Early Show’. Produced by CBSNews. Aired September 22nd 2007. Link

Caves: Life Beneath the Forest (DVD). Appeared as scientific advisor on segment about cave microbiology. Ravenswood Media, 2007. Link

Journey to the Center of the World. Documentary for History Channel based on the hieroglyphic Mayan paintings within Naj Tunich Cave, Guatemala. Appeared as Co-Host. Produced by Lone Wolf Documentary Group, Portland, Maine. Aired June 25th 2007. Link

The Real Lost World. Documentary for Discovery Network/Animal Planet. Produced by Gryphon Productions, West Vancouver, Canada. Aired December 7th 2006. Link

Sekai Ichi Uketai Jugyou [Japanese trnsl: The Most Valuable Class in the World, ‘Unseen Cave Life’. Appeared as special guest and lecturer. Produced by NTV Japanese Television Network, Tokyo, Japan. Air date November 4th 2006.

Journey Into Amazing Caves IMAX feature 2001. Produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films, Laguna Beach, California. Link